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A Green Solution is a tool to share awareness of environmental problems and explain how as individuals we are contributing to these problems. All the choices we make in life can have an impact on the environment and so our intention is to make it easier for us all to make informed, greener choices.

There are many issues linked to the things we buy, from food to clothing and cosmetics; everything has an impact on the environment. We have listed various other websites and high street shops that stock more eco-friendly alternatives. These are all shops and sites that we deem trustworthy of selling legitimate greener products. These businesses are all UK-based unless otherwise stated. We believe in minimising the environmental affects transport has by shopping closer to home where possible.

A Green Solution was founded by Chad Killoran, an artist from North Wales with a passion for the environment. He had this to say on finding A Green Solution:

“It was through travelling the world that I realised just how destructive we are being to it. We are the only species driving our planet to a tipping point and putting so much wildlife at risk of being lost forever, all at the expense of our own convenience.


It may feel like it's not our responsibility but the fact is that nobody is separate from this. As individuals, we are all part of the problem so that also means we are all a part of the solution. Every small act, such as turning off a light when we leave a room makes a difference. If every person on the planet were to do these things, the difference could be extraordinary.


It is going to take action on all levels, governments, big companies, local councils, small businesses and most importantly, the attitudes of individuals. There is a lot of work to be done but I believe that together we can make the Earth a planet where we truly respect and treasure the natural beauty and life here."