Switching to reusable shopping and produce bags is a great way to reduce plastic waste. Once you get into the habit of taking them to the shop with you, you'll never look back!

TOP TIP: As well as fruit, veg and baked goods, produce bags can also be used to put loose plastic-free cosmetics in instead of paper bags provided.

TOP TIP: When washing your produce bags it's more eco-friendly to wash at 30 degrees and wash more items in one go. Air drying is much greener than tumble drying too.


Reusable shopping bags can be found in most supermarkets and department stores. Where possible choose natural material bags instead of plastic as these are much more sustainable.


Some supermarkets are already catching on selling produce bags. Most zero waste shops also stock them so you could try your local one before shopping online.


OUR FAVOURITE: Surfers Against Sewage sell shopping bags made out of recycled British bouncy castles! Ideal for those who need a waterproof tote bag. Although these are made of plastic this is a brilliant initiative to repurpose something which would otherwise be sat on a landfill site. Proceeds go towards the charity's work to protect oceans and marine life.

The WWF sell a variety of shopping bags. Proceeds go towards supporting the NGO's brilliant ongoing work in wildlife conservation.

Turtle Bags sell a selection of shopping and produce bags. They are a fair trade company who donate some profits to the Marine Conservation Society.

Plastic Freedom sell a wide range of shopping bags and produce bags. They also plant one tree for every order made.

Boobalou have a great selection of shopping bags and produce bags.

Peace With The Wild sell a range of produce bags and bread bags.

In Greens sell a good variety of produce bags as well as Turtle Bag's shoppers.

The Plastic Free Shop sell a selection of shopping and produce bags. They also support Surfers Against Sewage.