No wet wipes are flushable, they should go in the rubbish bin when finished with. Only wipes advertised as 'compostable' can go either in your food waste bin or your own compost heap/bin.

Biodegradable wet wipes still come in plastic packaging. If you think you can make the switch, using reusable cloths is the greenest way to go.

TOP TIP: Remember it's more eco-friendly to buy locally where possible instead of ordering online.


OUR FAVOURITE: The Cheeky Panda have created biodegradable wipes made of bamboo. These come in recyclable plastic packaging and are available in some high street retailers such as Boots and London's Planet Organic. Some zero waste shops also stock them, find your nearest here.

Some of the big supermarkets now sell biodegradable face wipes and multi-purpose wipes. Click the links to see which are available in Morrisons, WaitroseTesco and Asda.

Boots sell a variety of brands of biodegradable wipes: The Cheeky PandaJackson Reece, Simple, Nivea and Botanics. Find your nearest store here.


TOP TIP: If you're shopping online and buying more than one item then it's more eco-friendly ordering all items from the same website in one order to reduce the impact of packaging and delivery. 

The Cheeky Panda, Earth Friendly Baby, Mum & You, Aquaint's Happy Planet and Jackson Reece's biodegradable wet wipes as well as Ecozone and Dettol's biodegradable multi surface cleaning wipes are all available on AmazonSmile

Simply search the name of the brand and product, when you order a percentage of your purchase will go to a charity of your choice at no extra cost to you!

Ethical Superstore sell a variety of biodegradable wipes as well as lots of other great eco-conscious products.