If you travel and you've switched to cosmetic bars then you'll need something to carry them around in. Is there a container you already have which could be used? Perhaps an old sweet tin or small tupperware box? If you've not got anything suitable then fear not, below we've made some suggestions as to where you can get something made especially for carrying your plastic-free cosmetics around.


OUR FAVOURITE: Lush stock three varieties of travel tins to store cosmetic bars in. Lush also help fund reforestation projects in Indonesia. It's better to shop in your local store that way you don't need to waste any paper packaging, you could get yourself a little reusable produce bag to put your purchases directly in instead.


TOP TIP: If you're shopping online and buying more than one item then it's more eco-friendly ordering all items from the same website in one order to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and delivery.


Plastic Freedom stock a travel tin for cosmetic bars. They also plant one tree for every order made and have a brilliant selection of other eco-friendly products.

Friendly Soap sell a  travel tin for the brilliant range of cosmetic bars which they sell.

Boobalou stock a travel tin for cosmetic bars as well as a brilliant selection of other eco-friendly products.