One of the biggest issues with cosmetics is the overuse of plastic packaging. Another issue related to cosmetics is the use of palm oil that is often disguised by other names on packaging. Animal testing is also a problem associated with the cosmetics industry. Below we’ve put together a list of tips as well as retailers selling more eco-friendly cosmetics to try and combat these issues.


Soap, hand wash and shower gel almost always come in plastic packaging. There are now shops providing solid alternatives that come in paper packaging or no packaging at all, some of which are available on the high street.

If you travel a lot then why not get a little travel case to store your cosmetics? Often when travelling we don't use a whole soap bar during a trip. Getting a container to take it to the next place and continue using it is a great way to be more eco-friendly. This often applies when staying in hotels which more often than not provide soap in plastic packaging.​ If using these toiletries, making sure to use them up is a great way to be more eco-friendly.

Ever wondered what happens to the cosmetics that hotels provide which are rarely used up? Most of them end up in landfill! Clean the World have a recycling program scheme which sends these to children and families in countries with a high death rate to help prevent deadly infections and disease. So if you're a hotel owner, or know of one or even want to question where the cosmetics go in a hotel you've stayed, you could think about the Clean the World program!


Click here for a list of retailers that sell natural deodorants that come in plastic-free packaging.


Most places currently sell shampoo and conditioner in plastic packaging. Some retailers now provide solid alternatives that come in paper packaging or no packaging at all.

Shampoo and conditioner bars are much easier to travel with as they don't leak in your bag! There are lots of options for travel cases to keep them in on-the-go.


Next time you need to buy a razor for shaving you could make the switch to plastic-free razors. Aluminium alternatives are more durable and recyclable and so far more sustainable.

Although shaving foams are sold in metal cans, more often then not they have a plastic top. There are now shaving bars available sold in paper packaging. 


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If you're wanting to go plastic-free, sun cream is also now available in plastic-free containers.