By 'eco-friendly' these accessories do of course still have some environmental impact. However, shops listed on this page are doing their bit to use more eco-conscious materials such as bamboo, vegan leather and recycled materials.

TOP TIP: When your shoes come to the end of their life make sure they're disposed of properly in a clothing bank. Or if you think they've still got life in them they could be passed on or go to a charity shop.


Mabboo have a range of unisex sunglasses and watches made of bamboo. These are a great way to cut down on plastic. They have two stores in Bristol.

Eco-friendly shoes, bags and accessories aren't yet easy to find on the high street. If you know of any high street shops selling eco-friendly shoes or accessories please contact us, we'd love to know so they can be added to our site!


TOP TIP: If you're shopping online and buying more than one item then it's more eco-friendly ordering all items from the same website in one order to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and delivery. 

Cariuma make women's and men's sneakers made from natural materials. Though they do use leather it is done in the most sustainable way possible and they don't source any from areas deforested for cattle farming. Their packaging is made from recycled and fully recyclable materials. Though they ship from Singapore, the company fully offset their carbon for the transportation of goods to help prevent climate change.

GotBag have made a rucksack out of ocean plastic which is 100% waterproof. This is a great initiative to reduce one of the big problems facing our world, plastic waste. They also sell laptop sleeve's made of ocean plastic and water bottles.

Plastic Freedom sell a selection of bags made from materials such as recycled cotton and vegan leather. They also plant one tree for every order made.