When it comes to electronics there a plenty of ways to be more eco-friendly.


We’ve got more lots more content to add to this page in time but here’s a few tips to start. If you have any suggestions for eco-friendly living with technology please get in contact!

Did you know 1.5 billion plastic phone cases are thrown away each year? The majority of these aren't recycled so end up in landfill or worse. There are some options out there for phone cases made of eco-conscious materials to help solve this problem.

The same goes for cases for other electronic items. GotBag make laptop sleeves out of recycled plastic from the ocean. The company are based in Germany so there are transport emissions to consider. However, we've advertised them on this site as there is nothing similar in the UK and this is a brilliant initiative to protect oceans from plastic pollution. They also support Coral Gardeners who are working to plant and protect coral reef.

Solar-powered power banks are a great way to help avoid climate change. If you can't get through the day without having to charge your device, renewable energy is the best way to go with power banks, especially if you're spending time in sunshine.

Being more mindful of how we use electronics can make a big difference. Getting into the habit of switching electronics off at the plug when they're not in use is a great practice for the planet. This is because the less electricity wasted, the less contributions to global warming and climate change.

Many electronic devices have low power modes which are great to make use of to for the environment. Even some washing machines have more eco-friendly settings. Reducing the amount of power which we waste is such a simple way to help the planet.

TOP TIP: A simple way to do this is not charging devices overnight. Smart phones take about two hours to charge and continue to drain from the power source for the rest of the night. Getting into a habit of charging a device before going to bed and then turning it off at the plug when done is an easy way of doing something good for the planet.

A big step up from this is going with a green energy supplier. That way when charging devices or using electronics in the household,  contributions to climate change can be avoided. Many of these green suppliers are now as reasonable or even cheaper than those who use fossil fuels.

TOP TIP: When it comes to using computers, laptops and smartphones, something we do most is 'Google it'. Well instead of using Google, why not use Ecosia instead? It's a free search engine which puts its advertising profits into planting trees, there’s even an app to make it easier! It’s a very simple way to plant more trees and avoid climate change at no cost! 

For smartphone and tablet users there are also plenty of apps out there to make it easier to be eco-friendly.