Switching to a green energy supplier is one of the best ways to help the planet and prevent climate change. Energy created by non-renewable sources is one of the biggest contributors to global warming worldwide. Below we've put together a list of British energy suppliers that use renewable energy. Some are even cheaper than companies that use non-renewables as well as being much kinder to our planet.

If you rent then you could still contact your landlord to see if they're with a green energy provider. If they're not it's a good idea to encourage them to make the make the switch. Not only is it better for the planet but they could also be saving money with a green energy provider.


Ecotricity is the UK's greenest energy supplier. They provide 100% green electricity and are the only UK company recognised for vegan energy. They have also created a national electric vehicle charging network with hundreds of EV charges located up and down Britain's highways. There is an app for this to help you find your nearest EV charging station as well as discounted charging prices.

Good Energy is a green energy company that provide 100% renewable electricity and

carbon-neutral gas.

Bulb is the UK's biggest green energy provider. They provide 100% renewable energy from solar, wind and hydro power and their gas is 100% carbon-neutral.

Octopus provide green energy that's 'good for the planet, good for your wallet and good for your soul.' Their electricity is 100% renewable and you are able to select a tariff which will make your gas carbon-neutral.