Menstrual cups are a way to end the single-use plastic waste of tampons. Many people prefer menstrual cups in terms of comfort as well as to avoid the chemicals which often come in disposable menstrual products. Reusable is always better for the environment and better for your pocket too!


Lots of zero waste shops sell menstrual cups. It's great to support these eco-friendly, local businesses before shopping in the big high street retailers, find your nearest here.

Mooncup are the leading brand for menstrual cups. You can buy them on their website or even better they have a page to find your nearest shop selling them.

Boots sell a selection of menstrual cups. Find your nearest store here.

Superdrug stock a variety of menstrual cups. Find your nearest store here.


Plastic Freedom stock a great range of menstrual products. They also plant one tree for every order made and sell many other eco-living items.

Boobalou stock a selection of menstrual products. They also sell a variety of other great items for green-living.

Peace with the Wild sell menstrual cups as well as lots of other eco-friendly products.