Most of these phone case eco-alternatives are biodegradable so can be composted when finished with whilst others are made from recycled materials and fully-recyclable.


Some of the companies offer a loop system where you can send old cases back at the end of their life and they'll reuse the material. This is something we really recommend as it's much better for the environment to reuse materials then create new ones from scratch.


Eco-conscious phone cases are yet to become popular on the high street. If you know of any high street shops selling them please get in contact so they can be added to this page!


Ocean75 solely produce phone cases made of recycled fishing nets for iPhone. Although made of plastic this is a great initiative to remove harmful fishing nets from the oceans. The cases are manufactured in the UK and are fully-recyclable or can be returned to the company to be made into a new case. For each purchase, you're able to select a charity focused on marine life protection which the company will donate to through your purchase.

Wilma specialise in plastic-free, biodegradable phone cases for iPhone and Android which spread messages of environmental awareness. They offer free carbon-neutral delivery and make a donation towards cleaning the ocean for each case sold.

Sweden-based A Good Company sell a great variety of plastic-free, biodegradable phone cases for iPhone. The company are carbon-neutral, plant a tree for each case sold and have a closed loop where you can send your old case back to be recycled and you get money off a new case when doing so. They also sell plenty of other eco-friendly items including a more eco-friendly charging cable.

Canada-based Pela specialise in plastic-free, biodegradable phone cases for iPhone and Android. They have a closed loop where you can send your old case back so that they can upcycle it into a new product. They also sell plastic-free liquid screen protectors, plastic-free AirPod cases and eco-friendly sunglasses. They donate 1% of sales to environmental initiatives.