Below we've put together a list of plant-based recipes to make it easier for those wanting to cut down on their meat consumption. Firstly we've listed sites which have a range of recipes to explore. Further down the page we've listed our favourite recipes and how long they take to make.

For those wanting to get extra experimental, the WWF and Knorr have put together a list of 50 plant-based foods to encourage a more diverse diet using less commonly used ingredients that are nutritious, taste great and are much kinder to the world.


The Vegetarian Society have a great selection of plant-based recipes. Filter using keywords with options for skill level, dietary requirements and meals for certain occasions.

The Meatless Farm Co have a wide variety of plant-based recipes. They also make meat-free sausages, mince and burgers which can be bought online or in supermarkets such as Morrisons, Co-op and Sainsbury's.

Olive Magazine have a brilliant list of vegan recipes ready in under 30 minutes.


Vegetarian Society's Simple Thai Stir Fry: 15 minutes.

Olive Magazine's Avocado Hummus, Falafel & Broad Bean Baguettes: 15 minutes.

Proper Tasty's Meatless Sharing Fajitas: 25 minutes.

Olive Magazine's Falafel Beetroot & Hummus Grain Bowl: 25 minutes. 


WWF's Carrot & Chickpea Burgers: 30 minutes.


Kitchen Sanctuary's Garlic and Herb Spagetti and Courgetti: 35 minutes.

Mob Kitchen's Meatless Bangers & Mash: 40 minutes. 

WWF's Quorn Toad in the Hole: 40 minutes.

Mob Kitchen's Cauliflower, Chickpea & Coconut Milk Curry: 45 minutes.


Raymond Blanc's Pea Risotto: 50 minutes.

The Meatless Farm Co's Cheesy Pasta Bake: 55 minutes.

The Meatless Farm Co's Cottage Pie: 60 minutes.

The Meatless Farm Co's Chilli Non Carne: 60 minutes.