All of the links we've provided below are for recycled paper greeting cards which can also be recycled afterwards. These all come with no plastic packaging. That means card-giving without cutting down trees and causing plastic pollution.


Trying to find recycled paper greeting cards on the high street can be difficult. Some places do sell them but they mostly come in unrecyclable plastic wrap. This is still the better choice over virgin paper but we believe they should be plastic-free which is why we've these places aren't listed here.

Some zero waste shops stock recycled paper greeting cards, find your nearest here.

If you know of any shops stocking recycled paper greeting cards which aren't wrapped in plastic then please get in contact so they can be added to this page!


OUR FAVOURITE: Eco Friendly Cards sell greeting cards which really are what it says on the tin. These cards are made of 100% recycled paper and seeds. So once finished with, the whole card can be planted in the garden and will grow into wildflowers!


Glebe Cottage specialise in greeting cards. They have a fantastic range of cards and the company offset their carbon emissions.


Plastic Freedom sell greeting cards as well lots of other great eco-friendly items. They also plant one tree for every order made.

Wearth London sell a great selection of greeting cards as well as plenty of other green-living items.

Peace With The Wild sell a variety of greeting cards as well as lots of other eco-friendly items.

Surfers Against Sewage sell Christmas cards as we all as lots of other great products. Proceeds go towards the charity's work to protect oceans and marine life.