Did you know the average person in the UK uses 150 single-use plastic bottles every year?! Think of all the plastic which could be avoided if everyone were to use reusable bottles...

TOP TIP: The most eco-friendly reusable bottles are steel and glass options. These are much more recyclable than other materials when they come to the end of their life.


TOP TIP: Reusable bottles can be bought in most zero waste shops. It's a great idea to support these eco-friendly businesses before shopping in big high street retailers, find your nearest here.

Reusable bottles are easy to find on the high street. Most supermarkets, gift shops and department stores stock them.

Chilly's bottles made of stainless steel keep your drink cool for 24 hours. They are available in a variety of designs and can be found in many high street retailers and supermarkets. They also have a range of accessories such as cleaning brushes, reusable straws, replacement lids, bottle bags and carry carabiners.

 Planet Organic have a selection of supermarkets across London, find your nearest here. They stock a variety of bottles as well as many other eco-friendly products from food to cosmetics. Give them a call before going to check they've got what you want in stock.


TOP TIP: If you're shopping online and buying more than one item then it's more eco-friendly ordering all items from the same website in one order to reduce the impact of packaging and delivery. 

The WWF sell a stainless steel bottle in two sizes. Proceeds go towards supporting the NGO's brilliant work in wildlife conservation.

Plastic Freedom stock a range of stainless steel bottles. They also plant one tree for every order made.

Boobalou have a wide selection of stainless steel and glass bottles available to order.

Wearth London sell a variety of stainless steel, copper and bamboo bottles.

In Greens sell stainless steel bottles.

Peace With The Wild stock a variety of stainless steel and glass bottles.

The Plastic Free Shop have a great selection of stainless steel bottles.