Lots of the materials used in most clothing are very bad for the environment. Below we've put a list of four materials to look out for which are more eco-friendly. Whilst these still have their impact they are much kinder to the Earth than other materials.

BAMBOO: Uses far less water and grows much faster than other materials. Compared with cotton it only needs 10% the land area for the same yield and doesn't need pesticides. We love it so much we have a page dedicated to bamboo clothing.

HEMP: Uses no pesticides to grow and minimal water. It's good for the Earth too as it improves soil quality for other crops. It's much stronger than cotton but will still biodegrade when you're done with it.

ORGANIC COTTON: Conventional cotton uses more pesticides than any other crop as well as masses of water. Choosing organic cotton instead means no harmful pesticides were used to grow it, drastically less water pollution and less carbon emissions.

TENCEL: A fibre which transforms wood pulp into cellulosic fibres with a low environmental impact.


Komodo sell a great selection of women's and men's lothing. They use a range of sustainable materials in their products as well as recycled materials such as tyres and plastic bottles. All their items are vegan except for wool products. They are also a member of 1% for the planet and donate to the Sumatran Orangutan Society. Whilst they are mostly based online they do have some stockists around the UK.

Mabboo have a range of clothing for men and women as well as eco-friendly accessories such as sunglasses. They have two shops in Bristol.

Sustainable fashion is slowly becoming more popular on the high streets. We hope in time that more businesses will opt for more eco-friendly materials. If you know of any high street shops selling sustainable clothing please get in contact so they can be added to our site!


 OUR FAVOURITE: Rapanui have a fantastic selection of women's and men's clothing. Everything they make is designed to be sent back to them to be made into another product when finished with, eliminating the need for waste. It's free to post back to them from the UK and you'll get £5 store credit to do so. They use sustainable cotton and make their products using renewable energy on the Isle of Wight. They partner with various environmental charities to make products to spread awareness of issues. You can also use their site to design your own sustainable t-shirt, jumper or hoodie.

BAM sell a brilliant range of women's and men's clothing including everyday wear, fitness gear, outdoor clothing and loungewear all made with bamboo.

Positive Outlook Clothing have a variety of men's and women's clothing made with bamboo and organic cotton.

Know The Origin sell a range of women's and men's clothing. They are trying to drive slow fashion using organic cotton and their website allows you to trace the item back to its origin in India.

Goose Studios sell a range of women's, men's and unisex affordable clothing. Their products are vegan and use sustainable cotton.

Patagonia specialise in greener outdoor sports clothing and equipment as well as regular clothing with the environment in mind for men and women.

Thought stock a selection of women's and men's clothing. They use bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, tencel, wool, rayon as well as recycled polyester.

People Tree sell a great range of women's clothing. They use organic cotton and also don't use harmful chemicals to die fabrics.

Asquith specialise in women's clothing for yoga, sports and some day to day use also. They mostly use a combination of bamboo and organic cotton.

Surfers Against Sewage sell men's, women's and kid's t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies made with organic cotton. Their fashion is great way to spread awareness of plastic pollution problems and proceeds go towards helping tackle the issue.

One Choice have a great variety of unisex t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies made of organic cotton. They manufacture all products using renewable energy.


Boody sell a range of everyday basic clothing for women, men and babies. They use bamboo and natural dyes to make their products.

Cream & Co have a selection of simple women's clothing made with bamboo.