Cling film, plastic food bags and foil are not recycled by most local councils. Reusable food wraps and lunch boxes are much less wasteful options for food storage.

TOP TIP: Remember it's more eco-friendly to buy locally instead of ordering online where possible. Lots of zero waste shops stock reusable food wraps and sustainable lunch boxes, find your nearest here.

TOP TIP: If you're shopping online and buying more than one item then it's more eco-friendly ordering all items from the same website to reduce the impact of packaging and delivery. 


Boobalou have a great selection of reusable snack bags, beeswax food wraps and vegan food wraps available online.

The Plastic Free Shop have a variety of beeswax wraps, vegan food wraps and bowl covers, all made with organic cotton. Their website has a good variety of eco-friendly products worth browsing.

Wearth London sell reusable food covers as well as a great range of green living products on their website.


TOP TIP: All big supermarkets sell lunch boxes. It's better to opt for stainless steel options as these are much more recyclable however remember these can't be used in microwaves. Long-lasting plastic lunch boxes are still better than using unrecyclable cling film and sandwich bags everyday.


Planet Organic have a selection of supermarkets across London, find your nearest here. They stock a variety of sustainable food storage containers as well as many other eco-friendly products from food to cosmetics.

Boobalou have a selection of eco-friendly food containers available to order.

Wearth London sell a variety of sustainable lunch boxes on their website

The Plastic Free Shop have a great selection of stainless steel food containers available online.

Black+Blum's website stock a range of lunch boxes many of which include reusable cutlery. They have a great range of other food related items so it's worth having a browse of their website.


If standard lunch boxes are simply too bulky in your bag then there are collapsible alternatives available. Although these are made of plastic they are hard-wearing and so in the long run can save an awful lot of unnecessary single-use waste.

TOP TIP: If you're a fan of street food then these are a great solution to all the waste from single-use food containers. They're also great if you know you often can't finish big portions given in restaurants, these can be used instead of the 'doggy bag' container provided. 

AmazonSmile sell a great range of collapsible lunch boxes. Simply search 'collapsible food storage containers' and when you order a percentage of your purchase will go to a charity of your choice at no extra cost to you!