When it comes to tissues and kitchen roll, the greenest way to go is to switch to handkerchiefs or reusable kitchen towel to drastically cut down on waste. This may not be suitable to everyone so we've put this page together with some greener single-use options.


The Cheeky Panda have created tissues and kitchen roll made of bamboo which is much more sustainable than regular paper. These come in recyclable paper packaging so it means you can avoid the unrecyclable plastic packaging which most tissues and kitchen roll come in. They're both available in some high street retailers such as London's Planet Organic and Whole FoodsBoots stores also stock just their tissues. Some zero waste shops stock them also, find your nearest here.

Most big supermarkets now sell tissues and kitchen roll made of recycled paper. Although these usually come in unrecyclable plastic packaging it's still greener than choosing regular toilet paper made with virgin wood.


TOP TIP: If you're shopping online and buying more than one item then it's more eco-friendly ordering all items from the same website in one order to reduce the impact of packaging and delivery. 

OUR FAVOURITE:  Who Gives A Crap are an ethical company that sell tissues and kitchen roll made of bamboo and sugarcane. They're products come in recyclable paper packaging so there's no plastic waste. What's best is they donate 50% of their profits to charity, helping build toilets for people in need. Did you know that 40% of the world's population don't have access to a working toilet?!


Big Green Smile sell The Cheeky Panda's tissues and kitchen roll.

Boobalou sell Ecoleaf's kitchen roll that is made of recycled paper and comes in biodegradable plant-based packaging.

Who Gives A Crap and The Cheeky Panda's tissues and kitchen roll can be ordered on AmazonSmile. Simply search the name of the brand and product, when you order a percentage of your purchase will go to a charity of your choice at no extra cost to you!