Trees absorb carbon instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. For this reason the more trees we plant the better chance we have of avoiding climate change. Not only that they fight flooding, provide a home for wildlife and reduce pollution levels.

Tree planting events can be a great way of meeting new people or spending more time with friends and family outdoors whilst doing something great for the planet.

Remember if organised group events aren't for you then you could still plant your own trees in your garden or local area. If that's the case, scroll down for tree planting advice.


The following websites are great starting points if you're wanting to join an organised event:

The Woodland Trust organise tree planting events around the UK as well as woodland walks.

The Tree Council arrange lots of  tree planting events and woodland walks across the UK.

Greenpeace UK sometimes organise tree planting events. Find your local group for more details. They also organise lots of other great events for creating a greener world.

Trees for Cities have planted over a million trees in cities around the UK. Have a look how to get involved in one of their projects.

Forestry England organise tree planting events at Kielder Forest in the North of England. They also have plenty of volunteering opportunities in woodlands across England.

The National Forest organise tree planting events in Leicestershire.

Carbon Footprint arrange corporate tree planting events in the UK, ideal for businesses wishing to meet sustainability targets or try something greener for a team-building day!


If you’re looking to plant your own tree at home then the pages below have some great advice on how to do so:

The Woodland Trust have some brilliant information pages on tree planting and care.

The National Forest have a great info page on growing your own oak tree from an acorn.


If you’re struggling to find a tree planting event near you why not organise your own? Below we've given some tips to make it easier to do so:

Firstly you need to decide where you want to plant trees and get permission to do so. Contact your local council if you're wanting to plant on public spaces or land owners for private land.

When contacting the council to plant on public land generally speaking they will want you to plant native species. For private land again discuss with the landowner but exotic species may be okay however it's best to do some research first.

The links above offer some great tree planting advice including what species are best to plant.

Next you'll need to get some trees. If you're not wanting to grow your own from seedlings then ask around and see if anybody you know has any which they want planting elsewhere. Trees can often self seed in gardens, sometimes in areas where people don't want them. 

If you're not able to find any from asking around then there are plenty of places you can buy them. Try your local garden centre and if not The Woodland Trust have a shop to buy trees.

You may want to organise your own event with friends and family or this may be something you want to do to meet new people and connect with your local community. If that's the case then The Tree Council have a page to promote your local event or Facebook is also a great way to find new people to get involved in your local area, most towns or counties have a community Facebook page.

If you're planting on council-owned land you may be able to loan some equipment from the council such as spades to carry out your event.

Make sure to be aware of basic health and safety. If you're planting near roads, make sure to where high-vis vests.

TOP TIP: It's great to share awareness. People may come and ask you what you're doing, if so it's great to explain to them why trees are important and why we need to plant more.

Taking pictures and sharing on social media afterwards is also a great way to spread awareness and inspire more people to get involved.


Why not take it a step further and try a tree planting volunteer holiday? It's a great way to connect with nature, meet like-minded people and do something great for the planet.

Trees for Life organise tree-planting volunteer weeks up in Scotland in the spring and autumn.