Using a zero waste shop is one of the best ways to cut down on single-use plastics, unnecessary packaging waste, food waste and also help to prevent global warming.

Below is a map to make it easier to find your nearest place to shop without packaging in the UK.

Not every shop featured is entirely 'zero waste', however these shops have been carefully selected as they all have facilities to fill up on packaging-free food, cosmetics or household liquids.

The majority of these shops are independently owned so supporting these businesses will benefit your local economy as well as reduce packaging waste.


Scroll down for some tips on containers to take to refill.



Do you know of any zero waste shops which aren't listed on this page? If so please get in contact so that they can be added!



It's really up to you what you take to the shop as your container to refill. Here are some ideas below:


For dried foods you could reuse finished coffee jars, margarine tubs or crisp tubes.

For household liquids if you've previously used supermarket-bought fabric conditioner and hand wash then you could reuse these containers. You could even get creative and reuse milk cartons or wine bottles.

If you've not got anything suitable then many zero waste shops will sell empty containers for you to use.

Reusable produce bags are great for filling up on loose goods like fruit, veg, baked goods and even cosmetics such as soap and shampoo bars. Most zero waste shops sell them but if not they can be found online here. These are much better for the environment over time than single-use paper bags.